Beatle Country

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"Beatles Country" is an album of cover versions of songs by The Beatles, done in a bluegrass style by the Charles River Valley Boys.

There's a reason this album is still in print forty years after it was first released.  The Charles River Valley Boys combine fine lead and tenor voices, first-rate musicianship, and an authentic bluegrass style to create an outstanding album of Beatles cover versions.  The tracks on this album manage to be quite different than the originals by The Beatles while retaining their essence.  It's imaginative and fun throughout.  If you like bluegrass and you like The Beatles, this is the one.

Also, as a historical quirk, this album was the first album produced by Paul Rothchild, who went on to produce all of the The Doors' albums.  Sounds like he knew what he was doing right from the start.

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Wed, 1966-06-01
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