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Got Bing?

I've long been suspicious of Microsoft's ability to make a decent search engine. Several years ago, I learned to use "site:microsoft.com" on Google rather than Microsoft's own search engine when I was browsing Microsoft's site. But what I've seen here behind the walls lately as CT's own "Great and Powerful Oz" makes me reconsider.

The One After 909

I have pretty-much decided to buy at least the new stereo box set. Online, Amazon is quoting 2-4 weeks for delivery. Best Buy also lists it online, but for about $20 more, quoting 2-3 weeks for delivery. Out of curiosity I decided to go to the local Best Buy to see if they had it, and to check out the other new Beatle gear.

The One of 909

Today, September 9, 2009 will be remembered not just for the launch of The Beatles: Rock Band and the release of remastered versions of The Beatles' catalog, it will also be remembered for the first entry in the CoverTogether blog.

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