About CoverTogether

CoverTogether is the world's most comprehensive database of cover versions of songs and albums by The Beatles.  It contains more than 170 Beatle cover albums, 4000 Beatle cover tracks, 100 Beatle cover artists, and 185 original Beatles songs.

The Beatles created an exceptional catalog of about 200 great and near-great songs. Heck, even the not-so-great ones aren't bad. These now-classic songs span a wide range of subjects and emotions, and appeal to legions of listeners and recordings artists worldwide. They have been covered by many artists in a variety of styles, and, as a whole, probably form the most covered body of songs on the planet.

The excellence of these songs, combined with the exceptional and long-lasting popularity of The Beatles themselves has spawned a small industry of Beatles covers albums and songs. A dizzying array of Beatles covers have been recorded since the Fab Four first became popular in 1964. Covers have long been a way for unknown artists to show plug in to an established audience. The Beatles' original recordings are hard to top, so the goal of a cover isn't to out-do The Beatles but to bring a fresh angle to a song, allowing you to enjoy it anew. Fine songs like these are universal enough to survive a variety of treatments - jazz, country, bluegrass, symphonic, or whatever. In fact, we think that the very best covers are the ones that are the most different from the originals. So, the CoverTogether collection deliberately spans as many styles as possible. We help you locate the very best cover recordings available by providing listings of covers organized by sales rank and by the ratings of CoverTogether's own users.

And although other pages of Beatles covers are available on the Internet, CoverTogether is a full-fledged database of cover albums, songs, and artists, with extensive cross-referencing. That allows you to easily navigate among the many dimensions of a cover album or song. For example, did you ever wonder what whole-album covers have been created as tributes to the famous "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"? Just look at our Sgt. Pepper album page.

We also provide corresponding links into Amazon's large music catalog, which allows you to preview covers, see additional reviews, and to purchase any that interest you. We get a little kickback from that (which doesn't cost you any extra), so buying from Amazon starting from a CoverTogether link is a great way to support our free service.

CoverTogether is a service of Iowegian International Corporation, purveyors of fine software for Digital Signal Processing.