Got Bing?

I've long been suspicious of Microsoft's ability to make a decent search engine. Several years ago, I learned to use "" on Google rather than Microsoft's own search engine when I was browsing Microsoft's site. But what I've seen here behind the walls lately as CT's own "Great and Powerful Oz" makes me reconsider.

Traffic still is pretty light at CT, but as an experienced webmaster, I know that it takes time for these things to catch on. However, the site page stats are showing that CT is getting about 2.5 times as much traffic from Bing as it is from Google. (BTW, Google Analytics provides the stats so I guess Google isn't ashamed of that.) Maybe it's just because we have a Bing Crosby page - heck, I don't know. Or maybe Bing (the search engine, not the Crosby) just places a higher value on new content than Google does. Iowegian's other sites have been around for a long time and get much more Google traffic even though they're less flashy, have far fewer pages, and are directed at much smaller audiences than fans of The Fab Four.

And it's not just the number of referrals we get from Bing: it turns out that searching for "" produces about 5 times as many pages on Bing as on Google. So, Bing is soaking up our content a lot faster and/or better than Google. CoverTogether currently has more than 600 pages. Those pages were created in just a few months, but that's no excuse for the Great and Powerful Google not to index them. Pay no attention to the search engine behind the curtain.

To those few of you reading this who haven't tried out Bing yet, give it a spin. Oh, and please let me apologize for the contribution CT's 600 pages make to global warming at Bing's data centers. Fortunately, in faithfulness to their famous "Don't Be Evil"* mantra, it looks like Google is trying to be a bit greener now by no longer offering a full-text search of the Internet. So I guess I don't need to apologize for them. ;-)


*as Shakespeare wrote, "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."