The One After 909

I have pretty-much decided to buy at least the new stereo box set. Online, Amazon is quoting 2-4 weeks for delivery. Best Buy also lists it online, but for about $20 more, quoting 2-3 weeks for delivery. Out of curiosity I decided to go to the local Best Buy to see if they had it, and to check out the other new Beatle gear.

It turns out that they didn't have the box set (the sales guy wasn't familiar with it, but he looked it up). However, they did have a large supply of the remastered albums in single form. They also had some miniature plastic milk crates with tee-shirts inside with pictures of Beatles albums - for $30. I'd never even heard of that. That seemed like a lot of quid to pay for a tee-shirt, so I didn't get too interested. I found out later, though, that each tee shirt comes with a free album. (Unless each little plastic crate comes with a free tee shirt and album - I dunno.) Either way, though, there wasn't much point to it for someone who was planning to buy the box set.

Best Buy also had big stacks of The Beatles' "Rock Band" - both the cheap and deluxe version. The deluxe one was out front, of course. There was about $100 difference in price between the two. It wasn't clear to me at first what the difference was, except that the little plastic guitar in the deluxe version looked like Paul's Hofner bass. Oh, and it's yet another "Limited Edition" thing. I guess I'll research it some time.

My family and I played a little Beatles Rock Band on a demo in the store, which was fun. However, I had already played a lot of "Guitar Hero" a couple of years ago (BTW, am I the only one who gets driven crazy by the fact that you have to hit the buttons early?...), and adding The Beatles to the basic gig didn't seem to make it much different. If anything, it seemed like the real value of it might be watching the new Beatles cartoons along with the music, and skipping the game. So, although I'm still considering buying it (the cheap one - $139), it might not happen right away.